Sunmaster, in the Protection Business since 1969

Sunmaster's diverse product line, canvas and metal architectural accents, have one distinct commonality - protection. The awning division provides protection from the sun for both people and furnishings. The storm shutter division offers protection in the event of a hurricane, as well as security from intruders. The architectural metal division also manufactures awnings and pergolas, as well as railings, making stairs and walkways safe, and fences and gates to keep intruders at bay.

In light of recent items in the news, Sunmaster's Titan Screen division may provide the single most important aspect of protection in their product line, protection from disease-carrying mosquitoes. People have a natural affinity for the outdoors and love to make the most use of their outdoor spaces. The addition of retractable screens offers homeowners the extended use of those spaces, so you can have peace-of-mind when enjoying your porch, patio, or lanai in the early evening when mosquitoes are most active. Titan Screen offers the added benefit of retracting when you don't need them, allowing you unencumbered views and full use of your outdoor areas.

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60 International Achievement Awards for Design Excellence (and counting)

Sunmaster of Naples is the proud receipient of 60 International Achievement Awards (IAA) presented by the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI). These awards recognize design excellence and industry-wide technical advancements in fabric architecture. A panel of judges selects the winners based on complexity, design, workmanship, uniqueness and function of the project.

Here is the complete list of Sunmaster's winning designs to date:

2014    Lee County Library Entrance Banners — Fabric Graphics*
2013    The Bike Route Oasis Pavilion Awning — Commercial Awnings & Canopies***
2012    Dual-Purpose Breezy Beach Patio Awning — Residential Awnings & Canopies*
2011    Minyard Residence Built-In Retractable Screens — Exterior Shades and Screens**
2010    Port Royal Patio Canopy — Residential Awnings & Canopies**
2010    Tavira at Bonita Bay — Multiple Fabric Structures*
2010    Bay Colony Gulf Club Shade/Storm Protection — Exterior Shades*
2009    Mercato “Highbrow Eyebrow” Curved Entry Awning – Commercial Awnings*
2009    Port Royal “Let There Be Shade” Laterals – Retractable Awning**
2007    Aria Pool Bar Trellis/Canopy “A Trellis Runs Thru It” – Free-Standing Canopies**
2007    Edgewater Cantilevered Dining Canopy – Commercial Awnings**
2007    Aria Entry Porte Cochere – Commercial Canopies*
2007    Deangelico Curved Accent Awnings – Residential Awnings*
2007    Wensinger Rooftop Dining Canopy w/Motorized Shade Screens – Shades*
2006    Hamstra Residence Awnings – Single-Family Residential Awning**
2006    Lofgren Residence Awnings – Single-Family Residential Awning*
2005    Martin Residence Awnings – Single-Family Residential Awning**
2004    Esplanade Entrance Awning – Commercial Awning**
2003    Beachfront Guest Cottage Awnings – Single-Family Residential**
2003    Privacy Lanai Lateral Awning Plus – Retractable Awning**
2001    Caribe “Arched Eyebrow” Canopy – Multiple-Family Residential Canopies**
2000    Provence “Curvy Yet Classy” Porte Cochere – Multi-Family Residential Canopies**
2000    Sugden Community Theatre “Reverse Pitch” Porte Cochere – Commercial Awning**
2000    Neapolitan/Third Street “Simply Technical” Awnings – Renewal Projects*
2000    ‘Free Wheeling’ (Fisher) Retractable – Retractable Awning*
1999    Beachfront Disappearing Act Awnings – Retractable Awning**
1999    Dean ‘Old Naples’ Residence Awnings – Single-Family Residential**
1998    McWard/5th Avenue South Awnings – Renewal*
1997    LeRivage “Crown Jewel” Porte Cochere – Multi-Family Residential**
1997    Kraus Screenroom Gazebo – Single-Family Residential**
1997    Bell Tower Awnings – Renewal**
1996    Andrea Clark Brown “Floating Wings” Canopies – Renewal**
1995    Venetian Village Walkway Covering – Subcontracted**
1994    Sunmaster “Diamonds in the Sky” Awnings – Renewal**
1994    LeCiel Entry Canopy – Multi-Family Residential*
1993    Smith Balcony Awning – Single-Family Residential**
1990    The Naples Philharmonic ‘Clouds’ – Canvas Specialty Products (SCPA)**
1990    LePark Condominium Canopy – Multi-Family Residential*
1990    LeCrescent Condominium Canopy – Multi-Family Residential*
1988    Sunmaster “Waterfall/Skyline” Awnings – Illuminated + Best of Show (IFAI plus SCPA)***
1988    Hyde Park Condominium Canopies – Multi-Family Residential**
1988    Verdesca Solar Canopy – Single-Family Residential*
1987    Quail Creek Model Canopies– Single-Family Residential (IFAI plus SCPA)**
1986    The Terraces Canopies – Multi-Family Residential**
1986    The Ritz Carlton Canopy – Commercial Awnings*
1986    Jimmy Connors’ Sanibel Harbor Canopies – Signage/Graphics*
1986    JRP Bonita Bay Model Awnings/Canopies – Single-Family Residential*
1986    Iona Lakes/Fort Myers Awnings – Multi-Family Residential*
1985    Lucern “T-Shaped Arch” Canopy – Multi-Family Residential**
1985    Grand American “Three Dimension” Canopy – Illuminated*
1985    Quail Creek Villa “Tunnel” Walkway Canopy – Single-Family Residential*
1984    Eagles Nest/Marco Island Awnings – Multi-Family Residential**
1984    Miller Skylight/Gazebo Spa Room Canopy – Single-Family Residential*
1983    Naples Bath & Tennis Awnings– Residential Awning*
1982    Designer’s Age Canopy – Commercial Canopies*
1981    Pelican Point Decorative Canvas Valance and Drapes – Interior Projects*
1981    Allegro Condominium Pool Deck Canopy – Passive Solar*
1980    Barnett Floating Boat Dock Canopy – Marine Applications*
1978    Park Plaza Condominium Canopy – Renewal Projects**
1978    Naples Bath & Tennis “Seven Facets” Patio Canopy – Commercial Awning***

***Best of Show       **Award of Excellence       *Outstanding Achievement