Installer Helper


The installer helper is the entry level installation position. The person in this position should have a decent mechanical aptitude and a willingness to learn. This person will be partnered with a lead installer and should take every opportunity to help the lead installer perform the required tasks. A typical day would begin with no more than ½ hr spent at the shop in the morning making final preparations for the day than the full work day at the job site where a promising helper will learn to anticipate the needs of the lead installer.  Every effort should be made to divide the tasks and work individually on the job. Once the job is completed the job site should be thoroughly cleaned and all tools put away in an orderly fashion. Upon returning to the shop the lead will get the job for the next day. It should be loaded and gone over making sure all parts are present.  



  • The lead installer is assigned a truck which they are responsible for. They should work directly with the maintenance person to keep that truck in the best running order possible. The helper should be proactive in assisting the lead take care of the truck.
  • Truck to be washed weekly.
  • Truck to have fluids checked weekly.
  • Truck to be inspected bi-weekly for cleanliness and order. It is the responsibility of the lead in each truck to maintain an orderly truck it is up to him to utilize the helper to aid him in this task.
  • An inventory of Sunmaster installation tools shall be kept and assigned either as a check out process for larger tools by the need or a standard installer “package” received upon employment that they are responsible for. It is the responsibility of each installer to maintain these tools in good working order while in his possession as if they were their own.
  • Consumables such as drill bits, drivers, grinding disks etc. shall be stored in a locked place controlled by the production manager and only allocated on a replacement basis only. It is the helper’s responsibility to use these consumables in a most efficient way as to extend the usable life as long as possible.
  • Responsible to supply the tools required on the tool list and keep them in good working order.


  • Shall perform a visual inspection of each job to ensure a first rate job has been done before leaving.


  • Work with the lead installer to get out to the job in a timely fashion each morning.
  • Continue to be proactive in learning the installation procedures.
  • Maintain a readiness for whatever potential jobsite dress requirements may be required.
  • Maintain a clean professional look.


  • Reviews installation package for inconsistencies/problems and works with lead installer to get that package corrected or returned to production.
  • Works with the lead installer to ensure the proper load out of the job the night before including all parts.
  • Responsible for the correct installation in a timely manner as set forth by the budgeted time frame.
  • Review each recently completed job to assess our quality with the lead installer.


  • The helper ultimately is accountable to the Project Manager for all issues.
  • As the Project Manager will be present on the job site often. The Project Manager has vast knowledge of the installation practices. He should be listen to and his advice taken seriously. The helper is accountable to the Project Manager on issues regarding how well he is working in the field. The Project Manager is accountable to the General Manager.
  • The lead installer/ helper relationship is a very critical one as the helper needs to be able to rely on the lead for support and training. It is key here for the helper to be ready willing and able to assist his/her partner. The helper is accountable to the lead installer on issues regarding the tasks given to him. The lead installer has to answer to the Project Manager on the helper’s performance.
  • The relationship with the customer is the most important of all. The installation crew will have the most contact with the customer There is a very strong requirement to be courteous and professional with the customer. The helper must be able to present the best side of our company in all dealings with our customers yet also remember to be diligent in their work to leave a lasting impression


  • A decent knowledge of the installation practices involved with each product they install.
  • A decent knowledge of reading blueprints.

Apply in person at Sunmaster of Naples, 900 Industrial Blvd, Naples, Florida, 34104, between 8am - 11am or 1pm - 4pm, Monday to Friday. Please allow for 45 minutes to fill out application. We are an equal opportunity employer.

*Each employee should be aware that changes in this job description could occur at any time. Also this job description is not to be considered or construed to be a contract of employment.