Project Manager


  • The project manager(PM) is the leader of any projects they are assigned which includes making and coordinating any contact with the customer as regards the designing, measuring, fabricating and installation. The position requires an expert working knowledge of not only the duties of a project manager but also a solid understanding of the operations and procedures to build and install all of our products. The PM plays a pivotal role as the face of Sunmaster once estimating/sales completes the sale and forwards their complete paperwork. The PM is responsible for coordinating the preparation of the submittal, fabrication, and installation “packages” to be passed to the customer, estimator, or production manager. These packages will include drawings, cut sheets, installation instructions, and any special needs required by the project. These packages should be neatly put together and organized as to be easily picked up by the next person in line. The PM will follow any given job all the way to the end. The PM will be responsible for collaborating with the other PM’s as well as the scheduling manager to insure the installation schedule is correct and that all of the products being scheduled to install are in house and ready to go. The PM will have to be at the shop by 7:00 AM every morning to work in conjunction with other PM’s to answer the questions the installers may have for the work that day. It will also be the PM’s responsibility to visit the job sites to make sure the quality of our work and installation is at level our customers expect.



  • Responsible for an initial scope check to assure what has been sold can be done.
  • Follow up with sales rep on any necessary change orders.
  • Acts as the contact for sales/estimating on previously awarded jobs that have changes that need to be priced.
  • Prepares permit packages for the in house permit technician based on layout/engineering/drawing needs.

Layout / Drawing

  • Responsible for making sure the preparing/designing of any submittals needed for all jobs including drawings, engineering etc. are getting done by the in house CAD professionals.
  • Responsible for coordinating the field measurements required for the job with the layout technician.
  • Once field measurements are taken the PM shall coordinate getting any production drawings, cut lists, parts list together into a production package and passed to the production manager.
  • Any special installation instructions should be included in above package.


  • Work with production manager to ensure a complete understanding of project requirements and timeline.
  • Secure material sources for oddball products.
  • Be available to help fabricators through difficult areas of fabrication.


  • Works with the production manager and scheduling manager to give input on the master schedules.
  • Updates their projects weekly in preparation for production meeting.
  • Coordinates the needs and types of any cranes/lifts, electricians or any subcontractors working on the installation of the work.
  • Works closely with the production managers to properly allocate resources as necessary.
  • Works closely with production manager to anticipate timing upcoming projects.
  • Keeps a close watch on the job list due dates.
  • On larger jobs works with the contractor to prepare a schedule of events for the job which is coordinated with the construction schedule of the building.
  • Works with any outside subcontractors to keep their schedules.


  • Reviews installation package for inconsistencies/problems to get the installation package ready for the installers.
  • Sets the standard by which quality control is measured on a particular job.
  • Responsible for coordinating with the named contact on installation timing.
  • Responsible for the coordination of any subcontractors as relates to the installation.
  • Responsible for notification of the customer and county on permit inspections once job has been completed.


  • Responsible for paying attention to the budgeted times and monies spent on the job.
  • Supplying the production manager with broken out time allotments for each phase of a job.


  • The project manager reports directly to the General Manager and is accountable to him for the above mentioned functions. Implementation of new programs will be at the discretion of the GM.
  • The project manager works closely with the production manager and scheduling manager and should keep them abreast of any conflicts or issues regarding their projects.
  • The project manager’s relationship with the installers/fabricators is one of guidance. As the installers/fabricators begin a job the project manager should guide them through, noting any tough areas. This relationship is one of the most important as the project manager is as accountable to the installers/fabricators as they are to him. The installers are what make a lasting impression on our customers and need solid guidance in how to make the best impression and show the pride we have in our product. Professionalism is the key here and starts at the top.
  • The relationship with the customer is the most important of all. As the project manager coordinates the intricacies of the job there is a very strong requirement to be courteous and professional with the customer. When a customer calls in to request the status of the job it is of the utmost importance that they be treated in a fair and manner and not sent off to voice mail. The project manager must be able to present the best side of our company in all dealings with our customers.


  • Solid knowledge of Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, Outlook.
  • Solid knowledge of reading blueprints.
  • The ability to work with digital photography.
  • Solid understanding of engineering as relates to our products.
  • Solid knowledge of problem solving.
  • Solid understanding of customer relations.

Apply in person at Sunmaster of Naples, 900 Industrial Blvd, Naples, Florida, 34104, between 8am - 11am or 1pm - 4pm, Monday to Friday. Please allow for 45 minutes to fill out application. We are an equal opportunity employer.

*Each employee should be aware that changes in this job description could occur at any time. Also this job description is not to be considered or construed to be a contract of employment.